As an agent who specializes in helping sellers get their home sold, I work with many for sale by owners (FSBOs).  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal piqued my interest because it echoes the sentiment I see every time I help frustrated homeowners who tried to sell it themselves realize their dream.  "DIY Guru Gets Broker Help"  discusses how the founder of and an advocate for doing it yourself saw the light.  After practicing what he preached for six months (wasting time and money), he hired a top agent like myself to sell his home at 6% commission.  The results exceeded his expectations, selling the $2.15 million condo for $150,000 more than he was asking as a for sale by owner, more than covering the commission paid (and he didn’t have to do any of the work).



- 50% of for sale by owners sell to a family, friend or relative

- 5.4% will successfully sell their home without the help of an agent

- 1 in 3 use an agent to sell their home

- The only lever a FSBO can pull in this market is the price lever…how do you know when you are at the right price?


It's easy to put your house up for sale. It's tough to get it sold. With the changes in the market, FSBOs are having less and less success on their own.  The average buyer sees 100-150 homes when searching their criteria online, looks at nine homes on average in person, and purchase only one.  Because the odds of getting a buyer into your house are so low, its necessary to make sure your home's first impression online makes the cut.  Blurry or dim pictures, unemotional descriptions, and making it difficult to set up showings are all areas where I see for sale by owners fall short – it is no wonder that hiring a top agent will net the seller more money after all expenses.


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